Unbreakable Bond

A story of two best friends from two different worlds by Emily W. Muto

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Unbreakable Bond is a supernatural, sci-fi vertical scroll drama created by Emily W. Muto, and is rated PG-13 for mild language and violence.

Jeremy was once a champion Olympic swimmer. Now he's known throughout this world as nothing but a cheater. But Alarel isn't from this world. And Alarel's been through hardships, too. So what happens when they meet and learn of the bond they've shared since before they were born? Life keeps you on your toes when your best friend is an alien.

I began working on this story in September 2014 after just finishing The Way to Your Heart. Originally it was black and white manga style, but I decided to start adding color to further push myself as an artist. Then in 2018, I took on the challenge of dividing and organizing the panels into the "Webtoons" vertical scroll style and entered it into a contest, in which it made it to the Honorable Mentions list. Since then I have continued presenting the story in that style, which I've grown to love.

This story was based on a story I created in middle and high school called Universe of Jewels and had that same title. But I changed it to Unbreakable Bond as the story began to evolve and deeply explore the relationship between the two main characters. While it still shares some things with its predecessor, Unbreakable Bond has become its own unique creation from my adult mind.

This comic is created with an XP-Pen Innovator 16 drawing tablet in Clip Studio Paint EX, and Adobe Photoshop 2023.



This is a vertical scroll "Webtoons" style comic. Please enjoy!

Episode 01
When we met, I nearly died

Episode 02

Episode 03
The Bond

Episode 04
Something to care about

Episode 05
Beyond time and space

Episode 06

Episode 07
Where we're guided

Episode 08
Unexpected Visitors

Episode 09
Righteous Truth, Wicked Lies

Episode 10

Episode 11
Spiritual Warfare

Episode 12
A Special Role to Play

Episode 13

Episode 14
Project Z-1

Episode 15
Remedial Assistance

Episode 16
Astral Reunion

Episode 17
Desecration of Life

Episode 18
Narrow Escape

Episode 19
Healing and Heartache

Episode 20


These character bios contain some spoilers.



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This story plays in my head as if it were animated. Here is music I imagine for the soundtrack.

Opening theme: Scandroid - A Thousand Years

Scandroid · A Thousand Years

Ending theme: Sunset Neon - Starlight

sunsetneonmusic · Starlight

Jeremy's theme: Coheed and Cambria - Here to Mars

Coheed and Cambria · Here To Mars

Background music: Tangerine Dream - Love On A Real Train (Kalax Remake)

Kalax✨ · Tangerine Dream - Love On A Real Train (Kalax Remake)

More sure to be added soon!



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