Two best friends.
One Unbreakable Bond.

Jeremy was once a champion Olympic swimmer. Now he's known throughout this world as nothing but a cheater. But Alarel isn't from this world. And Alarel's been through hardships, too. So what happens when they meet and learn of the bond they've shared since before they were born? Life keeps you on your toes when your best friend is an alien.

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by metazensae

by metazensae

by Sparky

by Jessi Jones

by Sparky

by Cleo


This story plays in my head as if it were animated. Here is music I imagine for the soundtrack.

Opening theme: Scandroid - A Thousand Years

Scandroid · A Thousand Years

Ending theme: Sunset Neon - Starlight

sunsetneonmusic · Starlight

Jeremy's theme: Coheed and Cambria - Here to Mars

Coheed and Cambria · Here To Mars

Song for Aquiela and Alarel: NINA - Born to Live

Alexey Permjakov · NINA - Born To Live (Original Mix)

Background music: Tangerine Dream - Love On A Real Train (Kalax Remake)

Kalax✨ · Tangerine Dream - Love On A Real Train (Kalax Remake)

More sure to be added soon!



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